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Tell your menopause story

Tell your Menopause Story

October is World Menopause Month. To celebrate we want to hear something great that you’ve learned about menopause.


Your Menopause Story matters. The experience and wisdom you’ve gained can enlighten, inspire, and support other women. Tell your menopause story to help shine a light on the positive aspects of menopause… let’s get this conversation started!

Go to WellFemme’s “Tell Your Menopause Story” campaign page on Facebook to post your written or video story. Try to keep your video to under 3 minutes, but hey- it takes as long as it takes! We will publish the most enlightening, inspirational, and supportive stories on this page to help other women.

Follow, share, and discuss the “Tell Your Menopause Story” page and help us get the menopause conversation started this October.