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Requesting e-Prescriptions

If you are well established on a treatment prescribed by one of our WellFemme doctors, here’s how to request ongoing prescriptions:

  • Firstly, note that only e-Prescriptions (electronic scripts) can be provided by message request; a QR code will be sent to you by SMS or email which you can present to your chosen pharmacy for dispensing of your medication.
  • You must have had a 20 minute Review with a WellFemme doctor in the past 9 months to obtain scripts by message request.

It is WellFemme’s policy that patients who are on treatment prescribed by one of our doctors should be fully reviewed annually. If you have questions, would like a treatment discussion or it’s been more than 9 months since your last Review then please book a Review appointment HERE.

  • If you just want to ask your doctor a few questions and have had a Review in the last 9 months, email us at and we will check if your doctor can book you a 10 minute appointment.
  • Click on the “Contact WellFemme” link below to send us a message including details of the prescriptions you need renewed and when you expect to run out.
  • We will send you an invoice for payment of $30 ($15 for pension/ concession card holders). This is a private fee with no Medicare rebate. Medicare only pays rebates for appointments where you have actually spoken to the doctor.
  • Once the invoice is paid your doctor will review your file and send your e-Scripts on their next working day.
  • If your request is urgent contact our Admin staff, as some doctors only have sessions once a week so it may be up to a week to receive your script.

If your doctor needs to speak with you to complete your request we will contact you to arrange a booking. In this case your paid fee will be applied towards the cost of that appointment, and you can usually claim a Medicare rebate.