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Free Menopause Seminars in Regional NSW

We hit the road in 2019 with a series of free menopause seminars in these regional NSW towns:

  • COWRA SERVICES CLUB- THURS 11th July 6.30pm
  • BATHURST PANTHERS CLUB- FRI 12th July 5.30pm
  • FORBES SERVICES CLUB- SAT 13th July 5.30pm
  • GRENFELL BOWLING CLUB- SUN 14th July 2.30pm
  • WEST WYALONG S&C CLUB- MON 15th July 6.30pm
  • YOUNG SERVICES CLUB- WED 17th July 6.30pm
  • DUBBO: RSL Theatrette- TUES 3rd Sept 6pm

Menopause expert Dr Kelly Teagle demystified menopause: what it is, when it happens and what you can expect. Participants learned what they should be doing now to maintain lifelong health and vitality. There was plenty of Q&A too during these fun and informative sessions.

Video of the complete Menopause Seminar in Cootamundra on 18th July, 2019

What topics did the seminars cover?

Generally seminars ran for up to 2 hours including question time, and topics covered included:

  • What are menopause and perimenopause?
  • The signs, symptoms and issues
  • The most effective treatments for disruptive symptoms
  • What are the risks and benefits of various treatments?
  • Optimising diet and exercise for bone health
  • Weight management at perimenopause and beyond
  • Lifestyle changes to stay healthy as we age, and
  • The positive aspects of midlife.

If you’ve been struggling with perimenopausal symptoms, here’s some more good news: one lucky attendee will win a free private consultation with WellFemme founder Dr Kelly Teagle. If you attended a seminar then simply sign our online petition by July 30th to be in the running. The petition is demanding improved access to Telehealth medicare rebates for people who need services like WellFemme.

Menopausal symptoms can include hot flushes or night sweats, mood changes, sleep disturbance, musculoskeletal aches and pains, sexual problems, vaginal dryness and urinary issues. Don’t put up with it… if you can’t find the professional help you need then book a telehealth consultation with a female WellFemme menopause doctor.

Half-price consultations are available for women in regional, rural and
remote areas
 who agree to complete short questionnaires for WellFemme’s
Pilot Study

Not sure if Telehealth is for you? Free trial consultations are
available to find out how WellFemme can help with your menopausal symptoms.