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A middle aged women consulting online about menopause.

What is WellFemme?

WellFemme is a Telehealth service provided by General Practitioners who specialise in menopause and midlife care. We provide evidence-based menopause information, advice and treatment in collaboration with clients’ usual General Practitioner. WellFemme’s services are strictly limited to women’s menopause-related healthcare needs; if they require physical examination or interventions for unrelated health issues we will recommend that they visit their local GP.

After her consultation your patient will be provided with a summary report which we suggest she discuss with you. She may prefer to have you prescribe any chosen medical treatments, or we can prescribe during the consultation. All treatment recommendations are based on clients’ self-reported medical history and medications so if there are any discrepancies or concerns please get in touch. Your appraisal of our service and future referrals are welcomed.

WellFemme uses a secure videoconferencing system designed for healthcare providers (Coviu) and cloud-based medical software (MD Helix) to ensure the accessibility and security of our client’s personal and medical information.

WellFemme is a partner in your patients’ menopause care.