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Getting Your Medical History Straight

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“As a person who has and still is going through Menopause, I can understand the impacts it has on daily life,” says Maree Beare, CEO Wanngi.

“It certainly takes its toll when you are experiencing night sweats, sleeplessness and mood changes. And don’t forget the unique feeling when all of a sudden you feel really really hot. “

Often its a gradual change, symptoms coming and going and you are never quite sure whether “it” as in menopause, has started, underway or over.  

It’s like a secret language amongst women who are suffering.   Some are braver than others to talk to their loved ones about how it may impact communication or closeness.  From my own perspective its not something I would acknowledge at work, although I’m sure the impact was obvious as I would sit next to a fan in a crowded meeting room.  

Confusion Reigns at Perimenopause

So as we are taking mental note of theses changes and symptoms start to seem really clear to us, we are trying to understand the new normal of our bodies.  We may see or feel red flags that we need help.  However ,when we try and communicate these symptoms and their impacts on our daily lives, its not so easy. Whilst information is readily available online about Menopause, however many women wonder where to go for advice and help to manage their symptoms.  

It was like a breath of fresh air recently that we interviewed Dr Kelly Teagle, owner of WellFemme, a menopause specialist offering advice and treatment for a wide range of menopause-related symptoms. What makes Dr Teagle provide a unique service is that she understands the problem and symptoms as she  has felt them herself. WellFemme‘s service is also unique in that have made access to women’s health more accessible for women everywhere by providing a Telehealth video consultation service where you meet your doctor “face to face”.  This sounds like an excellent opportunity for many women to seek help. 

Telehealth Can Help

Women everywhere struggle with the demands of life and Telehealth allows women to seek medical treatment for their symptoms without having to leave home.  It’s easier to build a rapport with the doctor, as a Telehealth experience feels very personal.  And an online service means that its now easier for women in regional and remote areas to access women’s specialist services. WellFemme has been helping many women outside of major cities seeking treatment for Menopause and now during the pandemic more women are taking advantage of the new Telehealth item numbers.

In listening to Dr Teagle talk about WellFemme, I realised that just like a physical appointment, it’s the evidence that you provide and how the Doctor assesses that information will improve your diagnosis. 

What many women will realise is that they have a greater opportunity of contributing during a Telehealth consult and managing their treatment plan at home if they are able to provide evidence of their symptoms and health history and begin to track this ongoing.  

The Wanngi Personal Health Record App

Getting Organised With a Personal Health Record

Historically, most people experience that in a doctor consultation they are required to repeat their medical history including Recalling Symptoms, Allergies, Current Medications, Health History and Reason for the visit. However, Telehealth may well be the trigger for people to commence collecting and storing their own health records, just so they can maximise the communication which happens.

Obviously as founder of Wanngi, a health management app for people to track their symptoms and health records, I am in a prime position to listen to the needs of other women, and to provide a digital health solution to help people feel more in control of their communication.  

We responded recently to the increased use of telehealth by launching a health export report which enables sharing of your symptoms and health during a Telehealth appointment.  We look forward to understanding more how this will work for people on an everyday bases.

Wanngi’s Free Subscription Offer For Rural & Regional Women

In learning of WellFemme’s pilot study to support women in the regions, we have also created a pilot study to understand the needs of regional women.  If you would like to participate and use Wanngi to manage your health daily, please apply here.  Participation includes a free 12 month membership subscription to Wanngi Primary+.


What is WellFemme About?

If you can’t find the professional help you need for your perimenopausal symptoms then book a Telehealth consultation with an expert WellFemme menopause doctor.

WellFemme is Australia’s first dedicated Telehealth menopause clinic, servicing locations nationwide including: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Dubbo, Bendigo, Broken Hill, Broome, Alice Springs, Launceston, Cairns, Mildura, Lightning Ridge, Kalgoorlie, Albany, Toowoomba, Charleville, Port Headland, Katherine, Ballarat, Coober Pedy, Bourke, Albury… and your place! 🙂

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