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WellFemme launches with discounted online menopause treatment

WellFemme is ready to help thousands of Australian women with Telehealth treatment for menopause symptoms and discounts for rural and remote women.

I could barely contain my pride and excitement as close friends and family gathered to show their support for the launch of my “baby”… and what a big, bouncing baby she is now. I’m gathering an amazing band of experts to help get the message out that WellFemme is open for business and ready to help the women of Australia. Big plans are afoot, including media coverage via newspapers and radio, social media activities and live educational seminars in regional areas (more on those in the new few months, so keep watching this blog).

Celebrating at the WellFemme Launch

The icing on the cake was a little something I kept up my sleeve to announce at the launch: WellFemme has secured a funding grant that will reduce the cost of consultations for around 200 Australian women! The funding will be used to conduct a study into the affordability of telehealth services, and the effectiveness of health communication to women in rural and remote areas.

Women living in regional, rural and remote areas who choose to participate in the study will pay only $100 for their initial long consultation; this is substantially less than the out-of-pocket costs for visits to most private specialists. Afterwards they will be asked to complete a 5-minute online questionnaire, which is repeated 3 months and 12 months later… the easiest $100 you’ll ever make! Women who prefer not to participate in the study can still book a regular consultation for $200. Click here to find out more about WellFemme’s Pilot Study.

I can’t wait to help Australian women find relief for their menopause symptoms! Please spread the word that this service exists by telling other women, or by liking and sharing WellFemme’s Facebook and Instagram posts.



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