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WellFemme’s 2021 “Christmas Gift” Q&A Webinar

Our annual Christmas Menopause Q&A Webinar free-for-all is becoming a bit of a WellFemme tradition, and 2021 was bigger and better than ever.

With five of the WellFemme doctors on hand to answer questions our brainpower was quintupled. In this 75min extravaganza we took on everything our beloved WellFemme community could throw at us, including:

  • Does menopause EVER end?
  • Why don’t any of my clothes fit?
  • Why do my girly bits itch so much?
  • How come my libido has left the building?
  • What’s behind the mood swings from hell in perimenopause?

… as well as heaps of curly questions about how MHT should be used, and much, much more. Oh yeah, and there are Christmas hats 🙂

What is WellFemme About?

If you can’t find the professional help you need for your menopause or perimenopausal symptoms then book a Telehealth consultation with an expert WellFemme menopause doctor.

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