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Daughter,mother and granddaughter sitting together happily.

About WellFemme


WellFemme is a Telehealth service provided by female General Practitioners who specialise in menopause and midlife care. We provide evidence-based menopause information, advice and treatment in collaboration with our clients’ usual General Practitioners.

WellFemme’s services are strictly limited to women’s menopause-related healthcare needs. If you require a physical examination or interventions for unrelated health issues we will recommend that you visit your local GP.

“Telehealth will play a big role in the future of Australian health services, especially in the bush. WellFemme is setting the standard for commercial Telehealth ventures, and lobbying government for better Medicare support so that people in rural and remote areas will all benefit from better access to services.”

Dr Kelly Teagle, WellFemme founder and Principal


Healthy, happy women.


To be at the forefront of integrated women’s health care.


  • Create an environment where staff work collaboratively with free and open communication across all disciplines.
  • Promote continuing education amongst staff to stay abreast of new developments and evidence in women’s health care.
  • Be committed to the education of clients and empower them to make good health choices.
  • Be a trusted source of accurate, timely evidence-based advice for patients- their partner in healthcare.
  • To develop innovative systems and processes to facilitate an integrated approach to women’s healthcare.
  • To create relationships with the community to promote and support women’s health and wellbeing and engage community involvement.
  • To be a profitable, professionally-managed business which can be monitored, validated, accredited and replicated.
  • To be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business that manages waste efficiently to minimise its “footprint”.
  • To establish a model of collaboration between healthcare professionals that raises and sets standards in health management.
  • To make high-quality healthcare and information accessible, affordable and timely for all women in the community


WOMEN: our value of female clients, staff and community members enables us to focus our business practices on maintaining a respectful, responsive environment that empowers and supports women.

INTEGRITY: Incorporates values of professionalism, truthfulness, responsibility, accountability, loyalty and self-awareness in our business practices to earn the commitment of staff, respect of family and friends, and the trust of our clients to become their partner in healthcare.

HEALTHY: We value a healthy, happy environment. We promote an energetic, enthusiastic workplace that inspires both staff and clients.

FAMILY: We prioritise our families and those of our clients. Our business practices are family-friendly, compassionate, flexible, inclusive, nurturing and non-judgemental.

SUSTAINABLE: We value a profitable, professionally-run business which is environmentally conscious and sustainable. Profits contribute to further business development and the support of community-based women’s health initiatives.