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What food should I be eating at menopause?

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What food should I be eating at menopause?

Nutritional Needs After Menopause

BY Kelly Teagle | 5 April 2021

Menopausal hormone changes cause us to...

Hormonal changes of perimenopause

Understanding Hormonal Changes During Menopause

BY Kelly Teagle | 17 March 2021

You probably know that menopause has...

What to expect after mirena insertion

What To Expect After Mirena Insertion

BY Kelly Teagle | 13 February 2021

In last year’s post “Mirena and...

Bladder Problems At Menopause

BY Kelly Teagle | 4 October 2020

Our webinar about Bladder Problems at...

Sexual Problems At Menopause

BY Kelly | 2 August 2020

Intimacy issues can be a lonely...

Getting Your Medical History Straight

BY Kelly | 1 June 2020

Free Subscription Offer for Wanngi’s Personal...

Sleep Problems At Perimenopause (and Beyond)

BY Kelly | 8 May 2020

Sleep problems at perimenopause are very...

Child,fully prepared for a horse riding, gives a high five to a women

Time To Get Back On The Horse!

BY Kelly | 12 February 2020

The start of 2020 has hit...

An old women consulting another doctor by discussing some reports.

Thinking of menopausal hormone therapy? Here’s what you can expect...

BY Kelly | 17 January 2020

This article originally appeared on The...

A women consulting a doctor.

5 Top Tips for “The Menopause Chat” with your GP

BY Kelly | 5 December 2019

Dr Kelly Teagle’s hints for getting...