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How IS Menopause Impacting Australians?

Menopause is no longer ‘on mute’! The new Australian survey that’s telling it like it is…

By Dr Linda Dear, Menodoctor NZ

Last year Menodoctor, a New Zealand based menopause clinic, released an Australian survey all about menopause. It was a chance for women to share their experiences – good and bad. It asked about symptoms, treatments and how their menopause/perimenopause had affected their work, relationships and mental health.

Over 5,000 women took the time to share their stories. And now the full report is available for everyone to read.

The survey results paint a picture of what’s going on for women here in Australia. They reveal that when it comes to menopause, too many women are still feeling confused, unheard, unsupported and alone.

Some brief but startling statistics from the Australian survey:

Women surveyed: 57% of women were in post menopause, 31% were in peri menopause, with 12% unsure of their stage or were unwilling to say.

  • 63% of women described their symptoms as severe or very severe
  • 81% reported sleep problems
  • 77% reported fatigue
  • 66% had symptoms of low mood
  • 62% had symptoms of anxiety
  • 66% said their symptoms had a negative impact on their self confidence
  • 82% of working women said menopause had negatively impacted their work in some way
  • 12% felt well supported at work
  • 88% said their symptoms had a negative impact on their relationship with their partner
  • 73% of Australian women did not know their symptoms were due to menopause
  • We need to do better – and getting these stories out there is the first step.

The survey report has been submitted to the Senate Inquiry on menopause/perimenopause. You can also make a submission the Senate Inquiry yourself here to give your own personal views and experiences on menopause.

To read the full Menodoctor Australia survey report, you can download it free here: www.menodoctor.com/australiasurvey


About Dr Linda Dear MBBS, FRNZCGP, BA (Hons) Psychology, DRCOG, NCMP

Dr Linda Dear is a UK trained doctor, fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and certified menopause practitioner with the North American Menopause Society. She is the director of Menodoctor – a private menopause clinic based in New Zealand (www.menodoctor.com) and Menodoctor at Work – a menopause education, training and accreditation service for Kiwi workplaces (www.menodoctoratwork.com).

Linda holds a post-graduate diploma in women’s health from the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She is also a psychology graduate, certified personal fitness trainer and yoga teacher. In her younger years, she competed as an international gymnast and is a Commonwealth games bronze medallist.


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