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Anxiety at perimenopasue

Mental Health Issues Around Menopause

BY Kelly Teagle | 30 August 2020

WellFemme founder Dr Kelly Teagle and psychologist Hilary Sargeant discuss one of the most troubling aspects of perimenopause:...


Sexual Problems At Menopause

BY Kelly | 2 August 2020

Intimacy issues can be a lonely road. We tend to keep problems in this area to ourselves, not...


Telehealth Reversal Bites Menopausal Women

BY Kelly | 15 July 2020

A sudden pullback of Telehealth rebates by the Australian Government leaves WellFemme menopause clients out of pocket. From...


Weight loss after perimenopause

BY Kelly | 29 June 2020

Yes, weight loss after perimenopause is hard! In Part 2 of our Diet and Exercise feature, Nutritionist Kate...


Diet and Exercise after perimenopause

BY Kelly | 14 June 2020

Menopause expert Dr Kelly Teagle, Exercise Physiologist Gillian Logan and Nutritionist Kate Freeman reveal what’s really important to...


Getting Your Medical History Straight

BY Kelly | 1 June 2020

Free Subscription Offer for Wanngi’s Personal Health Record: make the most of your medical consultations! “As a person...


Sleep Problems At Perimenopause (and Beyond)

BY Kelly | 8 May 2020

Sleep problems at perimenopause are very common and distressing. In our recent Facebook Live workshop Dr Kelly Teagle...


How To Beat Weight Gain At Menopause

BY Kelly | 27 April 2020

Weight gain at menopause is common, but not inevitable. In fact, around 60% of women avoid it. How...


View our live-streamed HRT workshop

BY Kelly | 8 April 2020

Check out Dr Kelly Teagle’s workshop about hormonal replacement therapy on Facebook or Youtube now! Our first ever...

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BY Kelly | 29 March 2020

Women who live in COVID-19 restricted areas may qualify for Medicare Telehealth rebates. Eligible Australians in COVID lockdown...

A small girl anxiously staring at her teddy who has put a mask on it.


BY Kelly | 28 March 2020

You’ve got this… just fit your own oxygen mask first. It’s good advice: you must care for yourself...

Dr. Kelly Teagle


BY Kelly | 11 March 2020

Dr Kelly Teagle will present free live-streamed menopause workshops every 4 weeks. Next topic: Sleep Problems You don’t...

A women consulting a doctor.

Mirena and Menopause

BY Kelly | 5 March 2020

“Mirena stopped my periods- how will I know when I’ve reached menopause?” Menopause is recognised by the absence...

An old women consulting another doctor by discussing some reports.

Thinking of menopausal hormone therapy? Here’s what you can expect...

BY Kelly | 17 January 2020

This article originally appeared on The Conversation and has been republished here with permission. AUTHORS: Rhonda Garad, Senior...

Dr. Kelly Teagle

How Early Menopause Inspired Me to Create WellFemme

BY Kelly | 12 January 2020

Happy 2020! I’m proud to start the year with the release of a new video for WellFemme’s Homepage....

Dr Kelly Teagle consulting a women online.

A Reflection on WellFemme’s First Year…

BY Kelly | 20 December 2019

What a year it’s been for WellFemme! 2019 was the year that I finally made my dream of...

A women consulting a doctor.

5 Top Tips for “The Menopause Chat” with your GP

BY Kelly | 5 December 2019

Dr Kelly Teagle’s hints for getting your message across and reaching the outcome you want. When it comes...


Breast Health: what’s normal?

BY Kelly | 12 November 2019

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes… One may be larger than the other, a different shape to...

Women who is upset.

Hormones and Mental Health

BY Kelly | 1 November 2019

What’s the connection between hormones and mental health? How do our hormonal changes affect our emotional wellbeing? And...

Dr. Kelly Teagle

My Best Advice for Perimenopausal Women

BY Kelly | 13 October 2019

Perimenopausal women are often confused about why the things they’ve always done to look after themselves don’t work...

Stressed women.

A Better ‘Change of Life’- Mental Health and Menopause

BY Kelly | 11 October 2019

Our Mental Health Week guest Blogger is Tanya Bowe, a psychologist specialising in women’s mental health issues. Tanya...


HRT and Breast Cancer Risk

BY Kelly | 9 September 2019

Following the latest “shock and awe” media storm around HRT and breast cancer risk, Dr Kelly Teagle reveals...

Dr Kelly Teagle consulting a women online.

WellFemme poster prize at Australasian Menopause Congress

BY Kelly | 9 September 2019

Dr Teagle’s poster entitled “Barriers and Breakthroughs in Tele-menopause care” won the poster prize at this year’s annual...

A women happily looks at the sky with her arms wide open.

VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE: Better and Better- Growing and Changing Through...

BY Kelly | 5 September 2019

Knowledge is power in perimenopause! Over 100 Dubbo ladies were recharged at our Women’s Health Week forum on...

An unhappy couple sitting in bed but on opposite sides.

Low Libido and Sexual Issues

BY Kelly | 9 August 2019

Hormonal changes and life stressors around perimenopause can cause women to be less interested in sex. How can...

Menstrual pad and tampon.

Period Problems

BY Kelly | 7 July 2019

Let’s dive headlong into the girliest of all girly issues. “Period problems” are a very common women’s health...

Bunch of women friends having fun.

Free Menopause Seminars in Regional NSW

BY Kelly | 25 June 2019

We hit the road in 2019 with a series of free menopause seminars in these regional NSW towns:...

Women with cold resting on her couch.

COLD POWER: fight back against winter viruses!

BY Kelly | 10 June 2019

Here we are again… The Dreaded Lurgy season. It’s common knowledge that viruses are the main culprits; highly...

Heart shaped craft item shown safely on palm.

Physical activity – the way to better heart health

BY Kelly | 1 May 2019

It’s fun, free and widely available. It’s also a “wonder medicine”, according to Adjunct Professor Trevor Shilton, the...

A women ties her shoes to start her exercise.

How to bring your A-game to your frame

BY Kelly | 8 April 2019

We tend to think of our skeletons as a never-changing frame. However, just like other parts of our...


Why NOT taking HRT could kill you

BY Kelly | 9 March 2019

HRT is a safe, effective treatment for perimenopausal hot flushes and night sweats… it could even be protective!...


WellFemme launches with discounted online menopause treatment

BY Kelly | 18 February 2019

WellFemme is ready to help thousands of Australian women with Telehealth treatment for menopause symptoms and discounts for...

An unhappy middle aged couple.

Love Hurts!

BY Kelly | 11 February 2019

What are the common causes of pain during sex? Valentine’s Day always puts the focus on love, romance...

A woman happily talking to someone via laptop.

WellFemme is ready for you!

BY Kelly | 1 February 2019

Affordable online menopause treatment is just a click away. If you landed in my Blog or website over...

Daughter,Granddaughter and mother having fun on a green field.

Ageing well through the menopause

BY Kelly | 25 November 2018

Whether you’re dreading ‘The Change’ or looking forward to the freedom it can bring, for most women in...

3 middle aged women hiking together.

What CWA women said about menopause…

BY Kelly | 22 November 2018

WellFemme survey reveals the experiences of NSW CWA women seeking treatment for menopause symptoms. Early in 2018 I...

A smiling old women near a small river.

(Meno)pause for thought

BY Kelly | 14 August 2018

Medical opinion about HRT has really come full-circle in the last 20 years. Evidence now shows that it’s...

A doctor checking reports of a patient she is consulting now.

What’s happened to paps?

BY Kelly | 14 August 2018

A new cervical screening program has replaced pap smears; it’s now every five years (instead of two) and...

A women talking to a little girl on green field.

The Mother-Daughter health chat you have to have

BY Kelly | 14 August 2018

Good communication with your mum could really have an impact on yours or your children’s health! Perhaps it’s...