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WellFemme Services

Are you ready for some expert help with your menopausal or perimenopausal symptoms?

WellFemme’s team of menopause specialists can assess your health issues and goals to help you make well-informed treatment choices.



NEW PATIENT: $295/ Concession $165  (Medicare rebate $118)

$20 from every full-priced consultation helps provide care to financially disadvantaged women.

Your Premium consultation will take a minimum of 40 minutes with the doctor, and includes:

  • Menopause Symptom Score: a “baseline” symptom check used to monitor progress
  • Thorough medical assessment*, including your medical conditions and medications
  • Targeted assessment of your priority peri/menopausal symptoms
  • Information and discussion about treatment options
  • An assessment of your diet, exercise, lifestyle and health risk factors
  • Targeted recommendations to keep you in optimal health for decades to come
  • Checklist of health activities to review with your GP
  • Written report emailed to you (which we recommend you share with your GP)
  • Electronic/ digital prescriptions to your chosen pharmacy
  • Referrals if needed
  • Ordering and interpretation of tests/ investigations if needed, AND
  • An electronic copy of our new WellFemme Menopause Lifestyle Guide.

*NOTE: medical assessment is by Q&A, observation and interpretation of test results. No physical examination is possible via Telehealth.


REVIEW: $165/ Concession $105  (Medicare rebate $80.10)

For returning clients- book with the same doctor who started your treatment plan

  • 20 mins
  • Review of your Menopause Symptom Score
  • Discussion of treatment: what’s working/ not working, any issues
  • Progress check on any goals/ checklist items previously identified
  • Revision of treatment plan
  • Further prescribing, referrals or tests as needed
  • Brief emailed summary


SCRIPTS ONLY: $30/ Concession $15  (No Medicare rebate)

Existing clients who have had a “Review” appointment in the last 9 months and ONLY require repeat prescriptions can request an electronic prescription HERE.