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WellFemme is ready for you!

Affordable online menopause treatment is just a click away.

If you landed in my Blog or website over the last few months you’d be forgiven for thinking that things seemed a bit unfinished, because they were. My team and I have been working hard in the background to get all systems checked and ready for WellFemme’s Big Launch, and I’m proud to announce that the time have finally arrived. It’s February and WellFemme is officially open for business! (imagine trumpets and fanfare here, please…)

All the essentials are now in place for you to jump online and make a booking, so if you’ve been putting up with menopausal symptoms for WAY too long then now’s the time to do something about it. In the month of February I will be providing HALF PRICE CONSULTATIONS to celebrate with my very first batch of new VIP clients (the crown for being #1 went a while ago but there’s still time to be one of the first dozen).

Menopausal symptoms can kick in way before your last period, so even if you’re still having regular periods you should be suspicious that your symptoms might be perimenopausal if you are experiencing:

  • Hot flushes and/or night sweats;
  • Disturbed sleep;
  • Difficulties with memory and mental alertness;
  • A downturn in mood, irritability, anxiety or just irrational emotional reactions;
  • Unexplained worsening of muscle or joint pains;
  • New or worsening urinary issues, or
  • Sexual pain, vaginal dryness or reduced libido.

During a WellFemme consultation we’ll explore your lifestyle, medical issues, circumstances and concerns; it’s a chance to really be frank about your symptoms and how they’re affecting you and your relationships. Don’t think that just because I’m a doctor I only prescribe medications, either. Often the most important interventions are the lifestyle and psychological ones, and with the right information you’ll know where to invest your precious energy for the best outcome.

I can’t wait to see you soon online and start tackling those symptoms that are stopping you from getting on with your life. Click “BOOK NOW” and let’s do this! If you’re still not sure just book a FREE 10-minute trial consultation to find out what WellFemme can do for you.

Half-price consultations are now available for women in regional, rural and remote areas who agree to complete short questionnaires for WellFemme’s Pilot Study.

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